Saturday, January 21, 2017

Volume No.7 -- Post No. 1 -- Vacation Fun with Kodak Ektar 100

We went to the desert to celebrate the New Year.  I brought Kodak Ektar 100 to use in my Canonette rangefinder camera.  I don't have a flash for it and decided to push it 2 stops in case I didn't have the light I wanted.  I love the waay they came out!!!
Ektar 100 pushed 2 stops

Ektar 100 pushed 2 stops

Oahu Film Photographer

Ektar 100 pushed 2 stops

Kodak Ektar 100 pushed 2 stops

Ektar 100 pushed 2 stops

Canon Canonet G III QL17 Rangefinder Camera

1960 Impala Convertable

Vibrant Reds with Ektar 100 Film

Jennifer and I work and play on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.  You will find images created from our film camera's, from 120mm, 35mm to Polaroids.  We have a love affair with film.
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